Where do you go to vote?


My campaign is funded by contributions from friends like you.

This money will go to pay for things like campaign literature, canvassers, mailings, etc.

Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated!



Hello.  I’m Christopher Carew.

I am a father of two, husband to one, and entrepreneur to many.

As a small business owner I have created jobs in Brooklyn, helped other
small businesses get off the ground, and built a platform for others to grow.

Like you, I have been seeing what is going on in the world, and it’s frustrating.

Our elected officials don’t represent us.  They get in office and don’t do much.

I’ve had enough of it.  So now I’m running for City Council.

I’m not a politician.  I don’t owe any politicians any favors.

When I am in office I will only have YOU to answer to.

Together we can bring democracy to District 41.


I will put the power into the people’s hands by hosting
bi-monthly town hall meetings in District 41, in order to
provide a platform for the entire community to address issues,
come together to discuss solutions, and introduce plans, making
District 41 a model for democracy and community in New York City.

Video of these meetings will be posted online so that the entire
community knows what is going on.  This will ensure that
you have access to me, and that I am held accountable to you.

I don’t claim to have the answers to every question, or the solutions
to every problem
, but I do have faith that we can find the answers
and solutions together, when we are all in a room together, talking. 

That’s the purpose of these town hall meetings.  Democracy.


As your councilman in District 41, I guarantee I will...

increase voter turnout and civic engagement
• bring participatory budgeting to the district
• ensure our public schools get effective programs
• push to open more community centers
• work to reduce gun violence in the community
• bring affordable housing to city-owned vacant lots
• work harder to build trust between the community & police
• bring skills training and job training programs to District 41
be responsive to community concerns via social media
reduce litter immediately, on sidewalks and lots
build greenhouses in community gardens to grow food locally


Where is District 41?

New York City ( the five boroughs ) is split up into 51 City Council districts.

District 41 is made up of parts of five neighborhoods in Brooklyn:

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill, Brownsville, Crown Heights, and East Flatbush

Here is a map so you can see the boundaries...




Currently, there are 216 city-owned vacant lots in New York City Council District 41 - many of which have become unsightly dumping grounds.

All 216 of these are at least as large as a standard three-family building, with many of them being much larger, as in the photo above.

In this I see enormous potential.  If each of these lots contained just one three-family home, that would provide housing for 648 families - upwards of 2,500 people.  The fact is, many of these lots are much larger than that.

In a district where 1 in 6 children have experienced homelessness in the past five years, there is an urgent need for affordable housing in our community.  It is unacceptable that there are so many in need, while the city is letting vacant lots sit unused right in our back yard.

If elected to City Council, I will fight to bring permanent affordable housing to the district, thereby creating union jobs, building energy-efficient homes, and beautifying our communities.



Education is the most important issue in our community.  When our children receive a quality education, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

If elected, I will work hard to ensure that our public schools are top priority when it comes to funding from the city and state.  I will fight to ensure that the curriculum in our schools is preparing our students for the future, with a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).

In addition, I will push hard to fund programs for very important subjects that are not found in so many of our schools today - agriculture, home economics, financial literacy, and law - because if you know how to grow food, take care of your household, manage money, and understand the law, you are off to a great start.



Many areas of District 41 do not have adequate access to nutritious foods.  These areas are known as 'food deserts'.  With 56 community gardens in the district, there is no reason for this.

If elected, within my first year in office I will propose converting the 10 most under-utilized of these community gardens into exclusively food-producing plots, where volunteers and/or paid growers will grow food crops to be sold at cost, or given, to the community at large.

Additionally, I will push to utilize unused school lands and rooftops for gardening, in order to supplement the food supply of students at the school.



Historically there has been tension between African-American communities and the police tasked with patrolling these neighborhoods.  There are many reasons for this, but I believe there are several ways to alleviate much of this tension with policy changes.

If elected, I will push to encourage NYPD officers to walk the neighborhoods they patrol on foot, in order to meet residents of the community.  I believe this can and will go a long way towards forming relationships and building trust between police officers and the community they are tasked with serving.

In addition, I believe the NYPD must end the practices of Stop & Frisk and arrest quotas, which disproportionately affect black and latino men.



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